About Saint Venant's solution and Saint Venant's Principle

From the literature surrounding the development of beam theories, Saint-Venant (SV) approach continues to be considered as the reference to understand the beam structural behavior. This is due to the status or the asymptotic nature of (3D) SV's solution as well as to the mechanical characteristics of the section provided by this SV's solution (also called central solution).
Established first for homogeneous and isotropic beam... Download the paper [PDF]

About beam theories

The accuracy of a beam model depends on its aptitude to capture the behavior associated with the two small dimensions eliminated in the finnal (1D) beam analysis. Since the theory of Bernoulli, proposed first for homogeneous and isotropic beams and which continues to occupy an important place in current construction, many theories have been proposed. Nowadays, topical models are trying to account for the more complex behavior... Download the paper [PDF]