company overview

NT4E is a spin-off from Tunis El Manar University. Its starting up is related to the recent results on “the analysis of composite beams behavior” obtained by the “structural mechanics team” led by Rached El Fatmi, Professor at ENIT (National Engineering School of Tunis) and founder of NT4E.

A first valuation of these research results led to the development of a package of two numerical tools “CSection & CBeam” to simulate the 3D mechanical behavior of arbitrary homogeneous or composite sections and beams. These tools are developed to help section and beam design.

Beyond these numerical tools, NT4E aims to provide services in numerical simulation for mechanical or civil engineering. Its main activities are divided between :

  • The development of novel engineering software related to very recent research.
  • The assistance to R&D, for which the numerical simulation is the natural way to reduce the cost of innovation or creation. This assistance includes expertise, consulting and targeted developments and trainings.

A link between University and Industry, NT4E relies on a network of consultants, usually academics from laboratories that deal with "Mechanics and Numerical methods applied to engineering".