CSection+ & CBeam
A novel 3D outlook for beams

CSection+ & CBeam is a package of two numerical tools devoted to the computations of homogeneous or composite sections and beams. For beams, usually reduced to 1D bodies, CSection+ & CBeam provide a new 3D vision much more realistic, free from all the classical beam assumptions. The beam is considered as a slim 3D body whose cross-section is free to warp in its plane (Poisson's effects and distortions) and out of its plane (warping). This 3D vision is absolutely necessary for a correct treatment of thin/thick walled profiles or composite beams with anisotropic phases.

CSection+ & CBeam do not need particular theoretical or numerical knowledge and the graphical interfaces are designed to be easily used by engineers or technicians. For a given beam problem, the calculation time is not important on a common PC (few seconds).

All the structural (1D) results are provided (values and variations of cross-sectional translations, rotations and stresses), but more important are the 3D results :

  • In any point of the beam, the values of the displacements, the strains and the stresses.
  • The 3D deformed shape of the beam.
  • The sectional stress fields right to any cross-section, for each one of the six components of the stress tensor, and for each material for the composite case.
  • For any point of the cross-section, the variation of a stress component along the span.

For a given beam problem, two steps are needed :

  • CSection+ computes a large set of mechanical characteristics for the cross-section that includes the fundamental deformation modes of the section :
    • In its plane: the Poisson's effects and the distortions.
    • out of its plane: the warping.
  • CBeam uses these sectional characteristics to compute the beam by 1D-FEM according to the recent Advanced Beam Theory (ABT). Thanks to ABT, the 1D CBeam computation leads to 3D displacement and stress fields truly comparable to those obtained by a fully 3D-FEM computation in the major interior part of the beam, even if the slenderness is small.

The current versions of CSection and CBeam run on Matlab© platform as Matlab© tools.