For a detailed mechanical characterization of a section

CSection computes the Mechanical Characteristics of any homogeneous or composite Section. These computations, achieved by 2D-FEM are free from all the classical beam assumptions!

For a given section (shape and material(s)) and referring to the 6 classical internal forces (axial force, shear forces, torsional moment, bending moments), CSection provides, in a systematic way :

  • The full (6x6) matrix of the structural (1D) behavior of the beam and all the usual sectional characteristics; in particular :
    • The centroid and the orientation of the inertia axes.
    • The shear center.
    • The rigidities associated to the axial force, the shear forces, the torsional moment and the bending moments;
    • The constants of the elastic couplings between tension bending and torsion that can occur for an arbitrary anisotropic and composite section.
  • The sectional 3D stress fields due to any combination of the 6 internal forces (axial force, shear forces, torsional moment, bending moments).

In CSection the section is obviously free to warp in its plane and out of its plane! It is moreover possible, in CSection, to display the deformation modes of the section (Poisson's effects, distortions and out-of-plane warpings).

The set of these mechanical characteristics allows predicting the mechanical behavior of the beam that will result, and hence really help section design.

The current version of CSection runs on Matlab© platform as a Matlab© tool.